Max The Sax

MAX THE SAX – who rose to fame as the former frontman and sax player of the Parov Stelar Band – is taking the club scene by storm with his new and fresh solo project: a funky saxophone, drums and electronic beats. He presents himself afresh with his very best own material. MAX is a person full of power, energy and love for what he does.

„What people see on stage, is who I am.“

And this infects the crowds and his thousands of fans and followers around the world. He sets himself apart with his unique saxophone improvisations and explosive shows, which transport his authenticity and genuine passion across well beyond the stage. It is his expressive and infectious style, which never fails to impress and makes anyone move, smile and dance.
“On stage, I want to bring my thoughts and feelings to the point. What people see on stage, is who I am. The power that a solo needs, just has to be there. At the same time, I cannot have a tone flail, or a tricky line played sloppily.” This mix of technical brilliance, professional focus and yet pumping energy is what MAX THE SAX embodies in his music and shows.

MAX THE SAX guarantees high-energy and an explosive experience, taking the listener on a musical journey that mixes electric dance beats with funky jazz lines. His experience of playing on large stages and interacting with thousands of people, has developed into a very unique sensitivity for the audience and his music alike. His solo-shows are always different; he lets himself inspire by the mood and energy of the crowd, transforms this atmosphere into improvisations, and pumps it back into the hearts of people through masterful playing and infectious interaction. A skill that has become the trademark of MAX THE SAX.

No shows booked at the moment.